9th Conference of Skoltech Translational Research and Innovation Program – first results

KLB_6546First results were presented by project teams selected in early 2017 to the fourth cycle of the Program at the 9th Conference of the Skoltech Translational Research and Innovation Program. The selected projects are oriented towards creation of new perspective materials for batteries, mobile robotic platforms for warehouse automation, wireless ECG devices, a new type of markers for virtual reality systems, and more. The conference attended representatives of the Skolkovo Foundation and invited experts from industrial companies who assessed the high level of project development, asked a number of questions and advised the teams to pay more attention to studying the needs of the market so that the technology or product being developed would best meet the expectations of consumers. At the end of the official part, individual consultations were held between project teams and their mentors, during which they elaborated plans for further commercialization of the technologies being developed.