Our Program awards one year of funding  for translational research to bridge the gap between laboratory and marketplace, and to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in Russia. The Program provides critical support for participating teams to help establish proof of concept and provide assistance with advancing their technology towards commercialization, including pre-start up identification of high potential market opportunities, intellectual property management, and, if appropriate, team development. By the way it helps to reduce two major types of risk – technical and marketing, ensuring that the invention meets the market technological requirements and finds its niche. Thus, Program promotes applied research and motivates research teams to take risk and be entrepreneurial. It is developed in collaboration with the Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Both The Deshpande Center and MIT have a proven track record of success in technology commercialization. Projects are selected in the following areas: IT, Energy, Biomedicine, Space, and Peaceful Nuclear Technologies. Successful outcomes for each participating research team will be licensing its technology to industry. Skoltech provides support and assistance to the participants until they reach this result.

Please, find more information about our Program in our booklet.