Program 2019-2020

After competitive selection we are happy to announce the names of the new eight champion projects (below) selected to the sixth round of the  Skoltech Translational Research and Innovation Program. The teams will have a priority access to special trainings and services, and will receive financial support for their proof of concept studies. They will also get mentorship from leading experts and technology entrepreneurs in order to bridge the gap between lab and marketplace.

We wish luck to the projects within Skoltech Translational Research and Innovation Program!

artemabakumov Artem Abakumov
1. Prototyping sodium-ion battery
iskanderakhatov Iskander Akhatov
2. Thermoplastic Composite Tape
mikhailgelfand Mikhail Gelfand
3. Platform for Microbial-induced Allergen-specific Tolerance (MAT)
dmitrydylov Dmitry Dylov
4. VeinCV: (10X Less Expensive) Subcutaneous Vein Scanner
petrpopov Petr Popov
5. Digital Platform for GPCR-specific drug discovery
paveltroshin Pavel Troshin
6. Solar Roof: The Application of Organic Solar Cells for Building-Integrated Photovoltaics
ighoruzhinsky Ighor Uzhinsky
7. Emmotion
alexeycheremisin Alexey Cheremisin
8. Microfluidics as a NextGen Technology for Experimental Studies in Oil and Gas Industry