Program 2015-2016

The third round of Skoltech Translational Research and Innovation Program was dedicated exclusively for Skoltech faculty and researchers. Totally, thirteen (13) exceptional applications were submitted for participation including breakthrough projects in energy systems, new materials, social network tools, video conferencing, smart systems, healthcare and biomed.

Finally, the following winners were selected by the Russian and foreign experts, including technology entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, as well as Skoltech and Skolkovo Foundation staff.

We wish luck to the projects in Skoltech Translational Research and Innovation Program 2015/16!

Severinov1. Konstantin Severinov

Development of a personal genetic screening system



Kotelianski2. Victor Kotelianski

Targeted delivery of modified RNAs to the liver – an alternative Hepatitis C therapeutics





3. Athanasios Polymeridis

CompuLife: A simulation platform for modeling interactions of electromagnetic waves with biological tissue in next-generation MRI systems


Oganov4. Artem Oganov

Low-k material design



Tsetserukou5. Dzmitry Tsetserukou

BabyFeel: Smart Baby Bed Platform with Contactless Heart Rate Sensing



Ustinov6. Alexander Ustinov

Development of a novel cooling technology for power inverters



Lempitsky7. Victor Lempitsky

Learning-based Gaze Correction for Videoconferencing