Development of a personal genetic screening system


Our project is a new view on methods of diagnosing genetically determined diseases and calculation of its probability (probability of disease). We focused on the searching of reliable data about correlation between appearance and development of a particular disease and a specific genetic disorder (i.e. DNA structure variation) in medical data bases. We are going to analyze these data and choose the most representative DNA variations. Then we are going to build a genetic and biochemical model of manifestation and development of different genetic diseases. We will develop, try out and optimize a method of diagnosis of DNA variation for the most promising models. Thus, by the end of the project we will have proven a method of genetic diagnostics which include the following: the least invasive way of sampling of biological sample of the patient, analysis of its genetic material, data processing based on the developed models, and the most important step is the prediction of genetically determined disease manifestation. Based on this prediction, the attending medical doctor can give specific advice to the patient on lifestyle, medication and diet. Ultimately, these recommendations may lead to an improved quality of life and to extend the working age.