Отбор проектов в Программу 2019-2020

Проекты, отобранные на очный этап Программы 2019-2020

1. Inertial CO2 Extraction SystemPI Ighor Uzhinsky

2. Flexible waste recovery system for various high-temperature applications. HeatRecPI Aldo Bischi

3. Solar Roof: The Application of Organic Solar Cells for Building-Integrated PhotovoltaicsPI Pavel Troshin

4. Prototyping sodium-ion batteryPI Artem Abakumov

5. Technique of preventive measures against ice deposition on the overhead power line conductors for use in conjunction with icing monitoring systemsPI Dmitry Titov

6. Thermoplastic Composite TapePI Iskander Akhatov

7. Metal printer for mass segmentPI Iskander Akhatov

8. Smart gas-analytical system for the Internet-of-Things EraPI Albert Nasibulin

9. High-power fiber laser at 920 nmPI Albert Nasibulin

10. Complex Solution for Reliable Determination of Formation Water Content and Chemical Composition for Petrophysical Characterization of Tight Reservoir Rocks (WC&CC)PI Andrey Kazak

11. Microfluidics as a NextGen Technology for Experimental Studies in Oil and Gas IndustryPI Alexey Cheremisin

12. Autonomous LoRaWAN gateway with integrated satellite internet connectionPI Anton Ivanov

13. SursExpressPI Tatiana Podladchikova

14. MEW – the high-end mouse for e-sports industryPI Igal Zak

15. R4U: Teleabilitation of ASD children by the virtual robot with AIPI Dzmitry Tsetserukou

16. Development of the mass spectrometer for identification bacterias based on multi-electrode harmonized Kingdon ion trapsPI Evgeny Nikolaev

17. EXOPLANETs (Engineered eXOsome Packaging pLAtforms for maNufacturing gene-Editing Therapeutics): delivery vehicles for research and clinical applicationsPI Konstantin Severinov

18. Optical fiber biosensor for in vivo monitoring of glucocorticoid hormonesPI Vladimir Drachev

19. Digital Platform for GPCR-specific drug discoveryPI Petr Popov

20. AI-based video analytics for cattle monitoringPI Ivan Oseledets

21. Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers for Early Detection of Cardiovascular DiseasePI Mikhail Belyaev

22. Platform for Microbial-induced Allergen-specific Tolerance (MAT), PI Mikhail Gelfand

23. VeinCV: (10X Less Expensive) Subcutaneous Vein ScannerPI Dmitry Dylov

24. Development of mass spectrometry based method of schizophrenia diagnosticsPI Yury Kostyukevich

25. PRIMA cancer immunotherapyPI Timofei Zatsepin

26. EmmotionPI Ighor Uzhinsky

27. Cloud GeneticsPI Philipp Khaitovich