High-power fiber laser at 920 nm, PI Albert Nasibulin

Ultrafast lasers have now become a routine laboratory device for many applications including bioimaging, ultrafast process investigation, medical treatment, etc. The market is dominated by Titan:Sapphire (Ti:Sa) lasers emitting at 670-1100 nm spectral region with high pulse quality, pulse width reaching a few femtoseconds and a few Watts average power at 80 MHz repetition rate. While many research works are relying on Ti:Sa as a laser source, when it comes to real-world applications, the complexity, high price and sensitivity of the laser to external disturbances become a serious limiting factors. Alternatively, fiber lasers are relatively compact and robust systems, featuring ultrashort pulse generation. However, until now available fiber laser generation wavelength exceeded 1 μm which does not fit many applications relying on Ti:Sa. Not long ago fiber components for sub-1 μm wavelength diapason become commercially available opening opportunity for commercial ultrafast fiber lasers this spectral region. In scope of the project we will develop an ultrafast fiber laser emitting at 920 nm.